IMPORTANT: The services described below are not currently available online. If anyone is seriously interested in testing this proof of concept demo, just let me know in the comments and I will set up a live secure (https) tunnel connection to the service. Sat Mar 11 2017 02:36:10

To create a Candlestick chart of the aggregated data all that is needed is to make a request to the chart end point. But, before that will work first the basic details of the chart need to be configured. This is very similar to how the other services work that I have written about in previous posts.

As shown in the example below the mutable parameters can be set in the URL request for the chart. For this example the URL would simply be pasted into the address bar of a web browser. The link below is functional and can be pasted directly into an address box of any web browser. The parameters can also be edited to try out different things.