The only required configuration keys for the Candlestick chart are the topicId (id of the Topic) and period (time period of the aggregated data). For this to work correctly the chosen Topic must have four different Aggregates of the same period that belong to the chosen Topic. The four different aggregate methods needed are Open, High, Low, and Close that are aggregated to the same period specified in the configuration key for the chart.

Only the topicId and period keys are needed, because the service will automatically search for the needed Aggregates (Open, High, Low and Close) using the period specified that belong to the Topic.

The different configuration keys available for a Candlestick chart are shown below.

Candlestick {
topicId (string),
period (number),
candlestickName (string, optional),
candlestickDesc (string, optional),
candlestickUnit (string, optional),
ohlcAggIds (Array[string], optional),
startingDate (string, optional),
width (number, optional),
height (number, optional),
imageFormat (string, optional),
imageDPI (number, optional),
imageQuality (number, optional),
theme (string, optional),
showInfo (boolean, optional),
timeZone (string, optional),
locale (string, optional)

I haven't had time to implement all the above parameters, but most should work.