IMPORTANT: The service as described below is not available online at the moment. If anyone is seriously interested in testing this proof of concept demo, just let me know in the comments and I will set up a live secure (https) tunnel connection to the service. Sat Mar 11 2017 02:28:47 

First I will disclaim that this project currently uses alpha level code and many things can or even should be expected to go wrong. The service is currently being hosted on an old laptop with only a slow mobile internet connection. Also the laptop is currently located where the electricity usually goes out for several hours at least once a week and even more often brown outs occur, sometimes it can keep on going thru these depending on how low the power dips and for how long. On top of all that the internet connection can also come an go or just slow way down to a crawl.

If all you want is to just see the end result of a rendered Candlestick chart visualization this can be achieved by simply copying and pasting a link into your web browser address bar. This is described in the blog posts below titled "Visualizing Aggregated Data".

I will try and make this demo available for week or so. The steps for the demo will using a web form page at thru the use of an API browser. At the end of each step (except step 3) just click the "Try it out!" button, for brevity I only mention it once here.

The web service uses tokens and one will be needed in later steps. This requires to first create an account so that you can login and get a token.

In the next parts of this post series I will explain how to do that. If something doesn't work or you just have a question just reply to the post and I try try and answer.